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Live casino Betbit - Bitcoins free bonus

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Live Casino Bitcoin:
Betbit Casino is fond of courteous behavior and most especially among newcomers. This is why Betbit Casino gives you a first deposit bonus in the form of a 50% cash back, paying up to 2 bitcoins on your initial deposit. If you played Betbit Casino’s games in fun mode and finally decided to start playing with real money, don’t forget to take advantage since the offer only applies towards first time depositors.

Here’s an example to demonstrate how the promotion works. If 3 BTCS / bitcoins is the amount of your first deposit and net losses are encountered after playing the money, you will be entitled to receive an additional 1.5 BTCS / bitcoins which is 50% of your initial deposit. This amount can also be referred to as 1500 mBTC / millibitcoins (Millibitcoins are a Bitcoin subunit). The bonus wagering requirement is 35 times the amount of the cash back bonus + the qualifying deposit amount before withdrawing any funds.

To claim your First Deposit Bonus make sure you have successfully made your initial deposit first. Then contact live chat support to submit your claim or you may send a written request to our promotions team using the email

Looking for more bonus opportunities? Don’t worry, Betbit Casino has more to give. After your first successful deposit you’re eligible to receive a 25% cash back bonus on your next four deposits, paying up to 1 bitcoin total. This means that after signing up and taking advantage of the first deposit bonus you have the option of receiving a redeposit bonus on your second, third, fourth and fifth deposit with Betbit Casino. Just remember, the total cash back bonus that can be claimed for net losses based on all four deposits is of 1 bitcoin.

Let’s use an example to clarify how the promotion works. If you make four redeposit transactions for 250 mBTC / millibitcoins each and lose everything after playing, you will be able to request the 25% cash back bonus for each transaction. Four deposits of 250 mBTC / millibitcoins adds up to 1000 mBTC / millibitcoins total which is equivalent to 1 BTC / bitcoin. This means that 25% of 1 BTC is 0.250 BTC and since we already know 1 BTC is made of 1000 mBTC, we can now confirm that 25% of 1000 mBTC equals 250 mBTC which would be the total amount of your 25% redeposit bonus.

As usual, the bonus wagering requirement remains at 35 times the amount of the cash back bonus + the qualified deposits associated to such before withdrawing any funds. Contact live chat support to claim your bonus or send a written request to

Do you have a hard time winning on casino games? If you ever feel out of luck, try asking for Betbit Casino’s Monthly Cash Back promotion. Every month, Betbit Casino gives you a 15% cash back bonus based on all deposits that have not received a bonus already and encountered net losses. Therefore, losing should no longer be as bad as it may have been in the past since you now get a part of your money back.

As always, the bonus wagering requirement stands at 35 times the amount of the cash back bonus + the qualified deposits associated to such before withdrawing funds. So, if you ever choose to redeem the monthly cash back bonus just make sure you submit your request starting as of the first day of the following month. The request can be sent to or can be done contacting live chat support as well.

On a side note, it is more than well known that not everyone keeps track of the deposits made per month nor of the net losses associated to each deposit made. Therefore, should you need to know the total of monthly deposits pending to complete the bonus wagering requirement feel free to send a written query to or contact live chat support to have them follow up for you.

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